What are your rates?

Rates vary from project to project. Some projects may require farther travel, more “hands”, equipment, etc. For this reason we charge at three (3) rates for shooting/editing:

  1. Half day (less than 4 hours)

  2. Full day (4-8 hours)

  3. Overtime (9+ hours)

(i.e. if the shoot was 6 hours long, the first 4 hours would be charged at half day rate, then the next 2 hours would be charged at the full date rate, and so on.)

What quality resolution can we expect?

All videos done by Empire Films are shot and edited in 4K! Yes, you read that correctly. With 4K resolution we’re able to provide videos with clear, crisp details. Just like the videos you see in the movies!

What’s the typical wait time for a shoot?

We ask that you give us at least a 2 weeks notice for a video. This allows us plenty of time to plan out the video, which ultimately leads to a much better result.

How/when do I send payment?

Upon scheduling an appointment we ask for a 50% down-payment to ensure your spot. When the project is completed, the remaining 50% will need to be paid before you receive your finished project.